親愛的 JCF 用戶,

很抱歉原本預計 2018-10-10 的 JCF 服務上線, 因發生一些技術問題, 也發現潛在的安全顧慮。您們的安全是我們最優先考慮的項目。我們決定先確認排除後, 再讓服務上線。感謝您們的支持及理解! 我們會盡快在確認流程無慮後再邀請您們註冊。

若有任何問題也歡迎透過 和我們聯繫!

僅代表 JCF 團隊致上我們的感謝及歉意!

胡舜元 敬上
(JCF 創辦人)


Dear JCF Users,

We apologize for delaying the planned 2018-10-10 launch of JCF, as we’ve discovered some technical and security issues. We’ve decided to fully address the issue before making the service available. Thanks for your understanding and support! We will invite for your participation after confirming the issue has been resolved.

If you’ve any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at

On behalf of the JCF team, please accept our apology and appreciation for your patience.

Founder, JCF

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